Monday, October 7, 2013

fall colors...

Yesterday was another beautiful day in Portland.  My mother came in to town to visit and we walked up to the neighborhood grocery store for lunch.

I am wearing a 1950s mexican circle skirt with a matador and floral scene.  The skirt has had some significant water damage so I decided to keep it, versus selling it in the shop.  Often, I end up with the pieces too damaged for the shop but with lots of life left.  This skirt definitely falls in to that category.

There were colorful flowers and pumpkins greeting us at the entrance.  Yellows, oranges and red...perfect for fall!

The goosebump pumpkins were our favorite.


I accessorized my look with an arm full of bakelite.  My favorite recent bakelite purchase was to be the zig zag piece in yellow and green.

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  1. That skirt is fabulous! Your bakelite collection is drool-worthy too xx