Sunday, November 24, 2013

an ongoing project...

I am sure many of you have dresses like the one I wore the other night.  This killer 1950's shirtwaist dress has been a favorite in my closet for a while, now that I did all the mending!  When I first found it at a local vintage shop here in Portland, it was in desperate need of some serious repairs.  I spent several evenings repairing the strained seams, the underarms fabric and the corner of the pockets were they had ripped from the skirt.  

Under close inspection, you would see missing rhinestones, little holes and numerous zig zag repairs.  But you know what?  I don't care!  This dress is so fabulous.  I wear it with pride, knowing that because of my time and effort, this dress will last a little longer!  

It does seem that every time I wear it, I must stitch another rotten seam or secure another hole.  It is worth it!  It is definitely an ongoing project, but one that I enjoy and find great satisfaction.

Do you have any ongoing project dresses?  Any dresses that are so "as is" but you just don't give a hoot?  Wear them with pride and love!

Dress: Bombshell Vintage, Portland OR
Belt: Viva Las Vegas Weekender
Shoes: Steve Madden, have had these for years!

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  1. Most of my very favorite dresses are scattered with holes (a fault of rayon jersey) or have underarm fade, or rotting seams that constantly need restitching here, then there, then there. I love that although they've already been well worn and loved, they are still able to hang proudly in a closet, and come out to compliments from those around me - who have no clue that they are very worn and possibly even on their last legs.